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Conference Host Proposals

INGRoup is always looking for proposals for a future conference host. The review and selection process is as follows:

  1. Prospective hosts should send a completed "INGRoup Conference Location Proposal Form" to the VP, Conference Coordinator
  2. The INGRoup Board of Directors reviews the initial information provided and identifies viable candidates
  3. The INGRoup President and VPs work with viable candidates to complete a more detailed plan
  4. The INGRoup Board of Directors reviews the additional material submitted to determine the best location based upon factors such as costs, organizational support, facilities, location (airport), etc.

For those who desire some additional guidance on completing the proposal form, a proposal fact sheet and some historical information can be provided upon request. Additionally, we would be happy to connect prospective hosts with the local hosts of recent in-person conferences (e.g., Bethesda, MD, St. Louis, MO, Pittsburgh, PA) if that would be helpful.

Please don't hesitate to contact anyone on INGRoup's Board of Directors if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your proposals!