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Early Career Award

INGRoup invites nominations for the Early Career Award. INGRoup values and promotes diversity in theoretical and methodological perspectives for examining and understanding group processes and outcomes. This award will go to an early career individual whose work to date has who has made distinguished contributions and demonstrated a clear commitment to advancing the interdisciplinary science of team or small group behavior, dynamics, and outcomes. For this award, “early career” is defined as within seven (7) years of receiving their terminal degree; however, see below regarding eligibility extensions in relation to family- or health-related leave.

The award recipient will be formally recognized at the next INGRoup conference, receiving a commemorative plaque and recognition on the INGRoup website. The recipient will also receive complimentary registration and an invitation to participate in a featured session at the following year's INGRoup conference. Nominations may be submitted by any current INGRoup member, including self-nominations. All nominations are due by May 1, 2024, and the winner will be notified prior to the 2024 INGRoup conference.

Criteria & Eligibility for the Award


Eligibility Requirements 

  • Only current members of INGRoup may be nominated for this award.
  • Nominations may be submitted by any member of INGRoup.
  • Eligible nominees must have obtained their terminal degree no earlier than January 1 seven (7) years prior to the award year. For the 2024 award, eligible nominees will have received their terminal degree no earlier than January 1, 2017.
    • Eligibility Extension Due to Associated Career Leave: An individual who has taken a leave of absence from their career due to family- or health-related reasons (e.g., maternity leave, paternity leave, sick leave) would be eligible for this award up to eight (8) years post-terminal degree. Any such leave of absence should be indicated on nominees' CV and/or noted by the nominator in the nomination letter.
  • While formal documentation of degree award date is not required for the nomination submission, nominees must be able to produce evidence of eligibility if requested by the award committee (e.g., a transcript from the degree-granting institution showing the date the degree was granted; a scan or photo of a diploma; a verification letter from the committee or department chair).
  • Self-nominations are welcomed and encouraged.


Required Nomination Materials

  • Letter of Nomination: A letter of nomination should outline the nominee's contributions to date regarding the study of groups and teams, as described in the Criteria for the Award below.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): The nominee's current CV, with award date of terminal degree clearly noted.
  • Letters of Support: 2-3 supporting letters should be included in the nomination package. Support letters should address the Criteria for the Award as described below.
    • Self-nominations must include three supporting letters, in addition to the nomination letter.
    • All other nominations should include at least two supporting letters.
    • The number of supporting letters (not counting the nominating letter) for any given nomination should not exceed three.
    • Letters can be sent directly to the Committee Chair by the letter writer; however, this should be noted in the nominator's submission email when submitting the nomination package.
  • Deadline: Letters of nomination, vita, and all supporting letters must be submitted by May 1 to Committee Chair Marissa Shuffler ( with the subject header "INGRoup Early Career Award Nomination."


Criteria For The Award

The letter of nomination and supporting letters should address the following elements:

  • The general nature of the nominee's contributions to the study of teams or small groups to date.
  • The nominee's most important theoretical and/or empirical contributions to date regarding teams or small groups.
  • The current and potential future impact of the nominee's contributions to teams or small groups scholarship, teaching, and/or practice, including their impact on the work of students and colleagues.
  • The impact that the nominee's work has had across the various disciplines studying teams or small groups.
  • The likelihood that the nominee will continue to provide leadership and contributions to the study of teams and/or small groups.
  • The status of the nominee's membership with INGRoup.

Administrative Procedures

The Awards Committee will review the letters of nomination and all supporting materials of all nominees and make a recommendation concerning one or more nominees to the Executive Board. The Executive Board may either endorse or reject the recommendations of the Awards Committee but may not substitute a nominee of its own. In the absence of a nominee who is deemed deserving of the award by both the Awards Committee and the Executive Board, the award may be withheld.