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INGRoup Board of Directors

Steve Zaccaro

President/Chairperson of the Board

Joseph Allen

Vice-President, Association

Anita Blanchard

Vice President, Conference Coordinator

Quinn Cunningham

Secretary & Webmaster

Matt Cronin


Marissa Shuffler

Elected Board Member
Awards Chair

(3 year term*—2020-2024)

Susannah Paletz

Elected Board Member

(3 year term*—2021-2025)

Amanda Ferguson

Elected Board Member

(3 year term —2023-2026)

Payge Japp

Student Member

(2 year term—2022-2024)

Franzisca Fastje

Student Member

(2 year term—2023-2025)

Pri Shah

Strategic Planning and Outreach Committee (SPOC) Chair

Michael Johnson

Communication Director

Li Lu

Conference Program Chair 2024

Anita Blanchard

Local Arrangements Chair 2024


*Additional year added to term in response to covid-19 pandemic